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There are so many reasons I will not vote for Noynoy. You may share some of these; or maybe hate me for saying them.

Foremost of all reasons: I don’t vote. So, yeah, I will not vote for anyone, anyway. But if ever I will have to choose between death and casting a vote this 2010, I will definitely not choose Noynoy.

I won't vote for Noynoy.

I won't vote for Noynoy.


(1) His mediocre performance as congressman and a senator, and as a statesman in general. When you think of Noynoy, what really comes into your mind as far as his legislative performance is concerned? Nada. Mar Roxas has Cheaper Medicines Act to boast for; Gibo is a bar topnotcher; Villar has a classic rags-to-riches story. But Noynoy? He is just the son of Ninoy and Cory, and nothing more — which brings me to my next reason why I will not vote for him.

(2) He may be a son of Ninoy, but along with this feudalistic heritage is the Hacienda Luisita issue — wait, Hacienda Luisita Massacre (Google it!). I have no doubts in Ninoy‘s capacity to lead the nation (he’s one of my idols, in fact). But look at what happened when we thought someone close to Ninoy will be a good replacement (Cory, that is): power shortage, coup attempts, executive-legislative deadlocks, CARP which didn’t apply to the Cojuangcos by the way, and of course, the Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita massacres. Yeah, massacres.

(Corollary: They say voting for Gibo is just like voting for GMA — which I don’t really agree with — then, voting for Noynoy is just voting for Cory, a textbook case of political dynasty at the very least.)

(3) His messianic complex (…a messiah complex is a state of mind in which the individual believes he/she is, or is destined to become, a savior). He is saying this is a battle of good and evil, and of course, he is the “good” part of that equation. (Review #2 above.) If the 2010 election is a battle between something and something, well, it is at most a battle of evils and lesser evils. (Unless of course Willie Revillame joins the presidential race, in which case, this would become a battle among evils, lesser evils, and a comedian.)

(4) He is indecisive. There are two things I would like to share in the matter of his indecisiveness. When a group of people made the initiative to convince him to run, Noynoy even has to go to a retreat to ask for divine guidance. What the–?! It’s not the divine guidance that I am doubting here, but his indecisiveness. Other presidentiables have long decided that they would want to run. And it’s good. You cannot just go on a retreat and then say you’ll ask for divine guidance before you do something. PLUS, I think he is just being pretentious there. When Mar Roxas made his announcement that he is backing out of the race and will just support Noynoy’s bid for the presidency, Mar said it was a result of their (Noynoy and Mar’s) series of conversations. Meaning, a decision has been made already. Why then would he still go to that retreat only if not to feel how the masses would react in Mar’s announcement? Pretentious, manipulative, evil.

So, before I get criticized by writing this article without providing a good alternative, let me say here who I want to be the president:

yeah, PaPi for President!

Vote for me, yeah?

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If you are feeling depressed or down and you are in need of a good laugh, I suggest you resort to the best source of laughter with comedic proportions (whatever that means!) — the Philippine political arena. Yes, the Philippine politics is probably one of the best sources of a good laugh, or at the very least, a good way to temporarily escape from the complexities of life.

Remember how busy the Filipinos became during Erap’s impeachment trial? The quotabilities (only in this blog, hehehe) of witnesses’ statements and lawyers’ and senators’ questioning are just amazing. I liked watching the televised impeachment trial more than I liked watching a Korean telenovela. Oh, and let me not forget how funny Jun Lozada’s testimony was. Imagine, he’s saying the government or the police is threatening his life through text messages! Hehehe. He even called a press conference for that. (What was funny about this is not just he being threatened through text messages but when he was asked by the press to show the message, he told them he already deleted them. Right!)

Anyway, the fast-approaching 2010 elections is just a comic relief in this very serious world. Look at the following:

  • The COMELEC is making a fuss out of the ruling party’s declaration of Gilbert Teodoro as it’s standard bearer. They are saying, it’s not yet in the election calendar, i.e., a party is not yet allowed to make such decisions. BUT look at Noynoy Aquino’s announcement that he will run for the presidency… nope, COMELEC is mum about it. What the f— ?! Also, didn’t LP already declared the Aquino-Roxas tandem? Why are they not making any issues on that? Just funny…
  • The opposition is afraid of the possibility of a failure of elections. And because of this, they are thinking of passing a law that will make a provision for a transition president in case a failure of election indeed is realized. Grabe, saan ka pa?!
  • Romulo, the DFA secretary, apparently expressed his support, through text, to Noynoy’s candidacy. Noynoy, who’s so eager to say administration people are supporting him announced to the public that Romulo is indeed supporting him. (Hay naku…) And because of that, Malacanang announced that those in the Cabinet who’s not supporting the administration’s bet should resign. (Makes sense — if you are in the Cabinet, it only makes sense that you should support it’s bet because you are suppose to be carrying and upholding the same policies.) E kasi naman… Why you be expressing your support to your opposition if you are actively serving the administration? As for Noynoy, why would he have to announce something in public if the statement was made in confidence?

Sa election pa lang yan! The totality of Philippine politics is even funnier.

  1. Erap and Lacson who were once side-by-side in politics are now the most celebrated foes in the arena.
  2. Wowowee is thinking if he is going to enter politics.
  3. Poe’s daughter is being eyed by the opposition to run for the Senate.
  4. Erap is reaaaally serious on running for reelection. (And the administration is saying he can’t because he resigned — and that he was not coerced nor  intimidated by anyone. Hehehe.)



  • social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power; “office politics is often counterproductive”
  • the study of government of states and other political units
  • the profession devoted to governing and to political affairs
  • the opinion you hold with respect to political questions
  • the activities and affairs involved in managing a state or a government; “unemployment dominated the politics of the inter-war years”; “government agencies multiplied beyond the control of representative politics”


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No one can ever deny the power of media and entertainment, particularly, the television. I’m sure you have witnessed once in a while how your kids, colleagues, or just plain acquaintances say or act something that is exactly an evidence of the power of media. Look at the following (even bigger) instances:

  • According to a news article I found at Inquirer the other day, the Philippine Military Academy or PMA reported an increase in applicants to the country’s prestigious military school because of the TV soap titled “Tayong Dalawa” from ABS-CBN. The show is about to half-brothers who entered the prestigious school, and apparently, the soap was able to showcase great things that can happen to a PMA recruit.
  • In a report showing survivors of Supper Ferry 9, one of the survivors was saying he tried to give hope to other passengers during the time the vessel is about to sink (well you know the story) by saying “Wag kayong mag-alala, hindi tayo pababayaan ni Bro.” Bro is the term being used by the child actor in “May Bukas Pa” to refer to Jesus Christ.
  • Do you still remember when the DOH had to release a commercial or something to that effect about the danger of the dance “spaghetting pababa, pababa ng pababa” because many children got so addicted doing that dance? The step was popularized by the Sex Bomb dancers in the noontime show Eat Bulaga.

Isn’t that amazing? These are real-life effects of media — direct effects. It is not just a subliminal message (is that what it is called?) that calls on you to patronize something — a product or service perhaps. It gave a direct effect on the viewers. It’s no wonder why politicians spend millions of pesos in TV advertisements. Sometimes, these advertisements look really hilarious but hey, look at the effect of TV, see the three bullets above. (Have you seen Erap’s “Tatakbo ka ba?” Arthro commercial? Hehehe.)

Grabe. It is not really hard to fathom why many movie actors/actresses win in elections, local or national. That’s why one of my dreams is to become a famous movie actor. Then after that, I’ll run for president. Sana lang no?

Hayyy… here’s an experiment that you may want to try: When you go to a bar, ask your host if they have roasted highland legumes. See if they’ll give you the correct stuff. Hehehe.

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Yesterday, Mar Roxas announced that he will be supporting Noynoy for his presidential bid (oh, and Noynoy hasn’t made any announcement yet as of this writing). When Mar was asked why he backed out, he was very firm in saying he did not really back out… what he said, according to that interview with Julius Babao of ABS-CBN, was that he is supporting Noynoy for his presidential bid. (I don’t know if it’s just me but I think he somehow emphasized that he did not back out.

Noynoy’s family, on the other hand, keeps on asking the people not to pressure Noynoy regarding the 2010 elections. Very funny. Kris Aquino cannot really separate showbusiness from politics and governance. I mean, according to reports, Noynoy and Mar have been having these dialogues for days now so they can figure out what is the best course of action for the two of them — will it be Noynoy-Mar or Mar-Noynoy? My point is, the entire idea of Mar’s press conference is that they were able to reach an agreement — and that, of course, is for Noynoy to run for the presidency. Anong pressure ba ang sinasabi ni Kris?!

Moving on to the What If, I was just thinking: What if this is just a play by Noynoy and Mar? We all know that Mar is not a winnable candidate as far as surveys are concerned. And it is my belief that Noynoy, although he may have the support of a number of people courtesy of his being the son of Ninoy and Cory, is not yet ready for such a big role. What if the two has agreed to help each other by doing this drama?

  1. Mar will “sacrifice” his aspirations so for the greater good. (Wouldn’t this increase Mar’s ranking in surveys? I mean, you just need a good PR person to romanticize the idea of Mar sacrificing personal ends for the greater good, right? Mar would become a super-selfless presidentiable.
  2. Noynoy will announce later on that while he praise Mar’s decision, he believes he is not yet ready to run for the presidency. And with this, “I am encouraging all of you to support my good friend, the selfless senator, Mar Roxas, for his presidential bid.”


What will happen? Mar Roxas hopefully absorbs Noynoy’s public support, and Noynoy retains his ‘presidentiability’ which will be very, very ready by 2016. In the mean time, Mar will have him as his VP and assign him a very challenging role in the cabinet.

Hay naku. If only I can vote, I’ll definitely vote for Mar Roxas for president.

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