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I’ve really been so quiet these days. (And I am sure no one really misses me here in this blog. Hehehe. But if in case there are some people following me here, let me just share that I am a bit busy helping the family move from my place to our very own home in the province.

You see, I was lucky enough to secure a loan a year ago, and now, the house and lot is ready for occupancy. Yeah!

For now, I just wish you all enjoyed the Pacquaio-Cotto match. Sana lang knockout no?

I will be back soon.

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No, Mesdames and Sirs, this is not going to be a Why I Will Not Vote for Noynoy chronicle. I just feel like I need to make a part 2 of my previous post covering the same topic.

So, on to the next set of reasons.

(1) Did you know that a day after the wrath of Ondoy, Noynoy and Estrada was talking about politics, specifically, the possible union of their camps for the 2010 elections?

While the public’s attention was focused on tropical storm “Ondoy,” it was politics as usual for presidential aspirants Senator Benigno Aquino III and former President Joseph Estrada as they quietly met Sunday night to discuss next year’s elections.

Interviewed on Monday, Aquino said the meeting lasted for three hours but refused to give further details on its results. He said they would release a joint statement about it.

“Maganda ang resulta ng pag-uusap namin kagabi (Our meeting last night went fine), not on a personal basis, but as far as the country is concerned,” said the only son of the late President Corazon Aquino and slain senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.


How evil-er can you get than this? People are suffering from floods, and Noynoy is politicking?

(2) He is a trapo. Have you seen his star-studded political ad? I saw it at Youtube but I believe this is being played already in his network — ABS-CBN. Why would he make such a move even before the actual campaign period starts? He cannot say he is just playing the rules of the game of politics because no matter how you look at the Election Code, you cannot campaign as of yet. Other politicians are doing it, too. But he cannot use that reason — what happened to evil versus good mantra of his? And he cannot say it is not a political ad; because only trapos do that.

(3) Poor legislative performance. I saw in an article that he wasn’t able to pass any single law that he authored. Huh? Then what did he do in the Senate? Nagbutas ng upuan? Supporters of Noynoy say just because he did not perform well in the legislative branch doesn’t mean that he will automatically perform the same way in the executive branch. Maybe. But we should not look at the legislative-executive performance comparison. They are both public service posts regardless of the branch of government involved. If he didn’t perform well in his post now, there is a very high probability that he won’t perform well in the presidency. Even if legislative and executive are co-equal branches, we know that the presidency is the highest post of the land. Why would you gamble “promoting” an inefficient senator to a president?

(4) He doesn’t even know what he is saying. He always says he is a fiscalizer and will always be a fiscalizer even if he becomes the president. What the f— is he thinking (if at all he is thinking)? A president cannot be fiscalizer — as a head of the state, a president is the one that will be fiscalized (http://antipinoy.com/want-to-run-for-president-start-by-buying-a-dictionary/). He is like an irritating corporate executive babbling industry buzz words without knowing what they really mean.

(5) He doesn’t even have a clear platform of government! And much as I want to fill this up with supporting evidence, I just can’t because he really doesn’t have any.

Hayyzzz… It’s just sad that with the support of celebrities and a big network like ABS-CBN, Noynoy might just win. (What is it for the ABS-CBN by the way?)

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