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I once like Conrado de Quiros as a writer. He is a principled man, a very good writer, but when he started summoning the fellowship of the rings, when he started calling out and asking for the powers and miracles that the heaven can permit, I started to hate him, at the very least. No, hate is not the term, but I started not to like him anymore.

It felt like he is about to do a rain dance in public anytime soon with the hope that with the rain falling, Noynoy’s ratings will go up again. He became so… wordy… unnecessarily wordy. (Even wordier than Chiz here!). Take the case of the quotation below from his article today.

Challenged to keep the campaign high, the campaign responded by making it low. Challenged to make the campaign lofty, the campaign responded my making it dull. Challenged to make the choice sublime, the campaign responded by making it paralytic.

But like I said yesterday, it’s not the end of the line, it’s just the beginning of things. It’s just a question of going back to roots, of knowing where you came from so that you can get to where you’re going.

It’s just a question of the Aquino campaign seeing not with the smugness of still attainable victory but with the shock of remembrance that this is not a battle to win the presidency, this is a struggle to liberate the country. It’s just a question of the Aquino campaign realizing not with the fear of a rival closing in but with the ardor of a heart inflamed that this is not a battle to reverse the tides of fortune, it is a war to change the earthly lot of the Filipino from the hell that is to the heaven it can be. It’s just a question of the Aquino campaign rediscovering not with the eyes of the exalted but with the grace of the humble that in the end, it is not just bearing on its shoulders like Atlas the legacy of Cory, it is carrying on its shoulders like Aeneas the trust and faith and mandate of a people.

It’s just a question of showing the trusted can be trusted.


I can rephrase it in a sentence: Noynoy’s campaign strategists didn’t do their job well, but there is still some hope.

Di ba? What’s wrong with the guy?


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