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No one can ever deny the power of media and entertainment, particularly, the television. I’m sure you have witnessed once in a while how your kids, colleagues, or just plain acquaintances say or act something that is exactly an evidence of the power of media. Look at the following (even bigger) instances:

  • According to a news article I found at Inquirer the other day, the Philippine Military Academy or PMA reported an increase in applicants to the country’s prestigious military school because of the TV soap titled “Tayong Dalawa” from ABS-CBN. The show is about to half-brothers who entered the prestigious school, and apparently, the soap was able to showcase great things that can happen to a PMA recruit.
  • In a report showing survivors of Supper Ferry 9, one of the survivors was saying he tried to give hope to other passengers during the time the vessel is about to sink (well you know the story) by saying “Wag kayong mag-alala, hindi tayo pababayaan ni Bro.” Bro is the term being used by the child actor in “May Bukas Pa” to refer to Jesus Christ.
  • Do you still remember when the DOH had to release a commercial or something to that effect about the danger of the dance “spaghetting pababa, pababa ng pababa” because many children got so addicted doing that dance? The step was popularized by the Sex Bomb dancers in the noontime show Eat Bulaga.

Isn’t that amazing? These are real-life effects of media — direct effects. It is not just a subliminal message (is that what it is called?) that calls on you to patronize something — a product or service perhaps. It gave a direct effect on the viewers. It’s no wonder why politicians spend millions of pesos in TV advertisements. Sometimes, these advertisements look really hilarious but hey, look at the effect of TV, see the three bullets above. (Have you seen Erap’s “Tatakbo ka ba?” Arthro commercial? Hehehe.)

Grabe. It is not really hard to fathom why many movie actors/actresses win in elections, local or national. That’s why one of my dreams is to become a famous movie actor. Then after that, I’ll run for president. Sana lang no?

Hayyy… here’s an experiment that you may want to try: When you go to a bar, ask your host if they have roasted highland legumes. See if they’ll give you the correct stuff. Hehehe.

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