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Mai Mislang, Assistant Secretary for Communications (Noynoy’s speechwriter), made sure she has a spot in the Top 10 things you should not do with social media when she tweeted the following:

The wine sucks

Sorry pero walang pogi dito #vietnam.

Crossing the speedy motorcycle laden streets of Hanoi is one of the easiest ways to die.

Your wine sucks, huh? So are you!

Normally, these tweets are harmless. But when you are in an official delegation and your host has been so kind to you (or even if they are not), this is a no-no!

@maimislang in Twitter is no longer active. According to some news reports, she apologized already via Facebook: “I apologize for my comments. If I offended anybody, please know that was never the intention. I feel extremely blessed to be in a beautiful country blessed with warm hospitable people.” Arrrrrrrghhh!!!

I was just thinking: Do you really need a training (sensitivity or whatever), a formal document or guidelines, or a code of conduct just to realize that being a part of a state/national delegation, you cannot issue the above statements ESPECIALLY when you are currently in the country concerned? That’s BS!

What’s worse is that Noynoy’s senior staff are even saying there is nothing wrong with those tweets! I say it again, Noynoy’s presidency is one of the biggest mistakes of the Filipino people.

Just a few weeks after his hulabaloo in the hostage taking crisis in quirino, a series of administration boo-boos immediately followed:

  • clearing Puno from jueteng allegations (even before any investigation was initiated);
  • releasing the IRRC report to the Chinese first instead of informing his “bosses” first;
  • not following the INDEPENDENT commission’s findings (e para saan pa ang pagigig INDEPENDENT nun kung ganun?!)
  • the very funny hotdog lunch in the streets of New York (comm’n, who would believe him it’s not a show?!);
  • bragging that he was able to bring home millions of dollars worth of investment and pledges when in fact, it was the previous administration who worked on those pledges;
  • offering amnesty to the Magdalo soldiers even before a verdict was issued by the courts (what happened to the search for truth if you are not going to allow appropriate institutions to do its job?); and
  • just a few days ago, this lady Mislang.

Hay… I am not really sure if there is any limit on this administration’s stupidity, but per Einstein’s philosophy says there is none.


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Pilipinas, kumusta ka na?

Noynoy’s first few days in Malacanang brought nothing but more proofs as to his incompetence to lead the Philippines. From his appointments in his Cabinet when he started his administration, to his most recent trip to the US, he has shown no promise of hope nor adherence to his campaign slogan of choosing the “daang matuwid”.

I want to write some more but my work schedule does not permit me at the moment. So, I will just wait for now for this administration to reach 100 days before I start blogging once again.

See you after your honeymoon, Noynoy!

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The 2010 Philippine election is so different yet very much the same with all previous elections. This is so much different because of the following:

  1. It is a few billion pesos more expensive than previous elections (because of the PCOS machines.
  2. It gave faster results. I was watching the news during the elections and as of midnight on that day, more than 60% of the national votes were already counted.
  3. A few days after the elections, senators were proclaimed by COMELEC as victors, fastest in Philippine history.
  4. This is so HI-TECH! hehehe. I do hope that by next time, we wouldn’t be using any more paper ballots but inputting the votes through an LCD screen. Asteg!

And why is this so much the same with all other previous elections? No one, again, lost the elections. We only have the winners and those that were cheated. In an article from the Inquirer, Estrada focuses on ‘hocus PCOS’:

An “electronic Garci” system or some digital “hocus PCOS” could have affected the precinct scan optical scan machines in the country’s first automated elections that might have produced manipulated results instead of the true will of the voters, alleged the camp of former President Joseph Estrada.

Pwede bang umayos kayo!?

Maceda said he received reports of “agents” approaching candidates before the elections, offering electoral victories in preprogrammed compact flash cards and memory cards in exchange for fees of as much as P30 million.

They always do this. After they lost the election, they will reveal that they receive reports that “agents” approached him or her asking for a big amount of money so they can guarantee their victory. Sometimes, they would say they receive reports that in area here and there, massive vote buying and manipulations of results happened. But these will all surface after they are somewhat sure that their chance for victory is becoming slimmer and slimmer.

Why didn’t they release these before the election day itself?!

He said the quick delivery of reconfigured flash cards one week prior to the elections was logistically improbable.

Oh yeah? And how come Manny’s fights and big movies like Avatar became available (in CD and DVD) to so many places minutes after their showing?

He said he[Senator Tatad] was consulting his lawyers on the possibility of filing a “constitutional action” that would nullify the results of the recent elections. He said he was also preparing an impeachment complaint against the Election commissioners.

F. you!

I don’t believe that the system we are using is right, but I do believe that the instruments honestly produced the will of the people.

PS: And a former teacher just lectured me why I shouldn’t say some candidates and voters are stupid, to think that she chose Lito Lapid and Bong Revilla over candidates like Risa Hontiveros and Alex Lacson. Tsk tsk tsk

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Noynoy is the complete embodiment of how I do not want my president to be. He is arrogant, inexperienced (dangerous combination!), and incompetent.

He did not pass any bill that he authored (I am not sure, by the way, if he authored any — my apologies for the this poor research skills of mine).

He doesn’t know anything. He listens to his sisters… especially to the youngest one. I just hate that girl. He do not respect social institutions.

He is incompetent (did I say that already?).

And most important of all: Wala siyang “b”!

Let me just say that I am so proud I am not part of this election. And now, please allow me to practice my right as a tax payer:




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I started rooting for Manny Villar, Nacionalista Party’s standard bearer for 2010 Presidential Elections, when Noynoy Aquino of the Liberal Party “launch” his bid for the presidency. Readers who have been in this blog know that I am not a big fan of Noynoy. The opposite, which I can write in three simple sentences, is almost the truth:

  1. I will not vote for Noynoy.
  2. I will not vote for Noynoy.
  3. I will not vote for Noynoy.

Now that I am done with that, let me now officially launch who I am supporting this 2010 elections: Manny Villar.

At first, I only wanted him to win because I don’t really like the other guy who continuously tops surveys. (Of course, Erap, though he is safely hovering in the #3 spot, is not an option. And I cannot believe I even have to mention this.) But when I started to research about the guy, look at the accusations being thrown at him, well, I realized that he is a good choice. I researched further: read the two senate reports, read Villar’s side, followed the accusations trail against him, and whoala! I have my candidate!

There have been so many issues thrown to him: C5 controversy, the huge, huge mansion in the US, emissaries tasked to discourage everyone from running, being the secret candidate of the administration, etc. These are all unfounded, incorrect, nonsense, and waste of time at most. And when I say it like that, I know I can back them up with decent evidence/proof if asked to provide one. The accusers, on the other hand, have nothing but “someone” from the inside, “a reliable source”, “covered up” proofs, etc. Hay naku.

So, here I am now, giving this blog a stand, and announcing my pick for the presidential race this 2010, and hopefully, following this up with more articles.

Manny Villar for President!


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