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Arrogance + Ignorance (+/- Power) = Dangerous!

Proof A

Noynoy Aquino on the Chief Justice Succession Issue
Sen. Benigno S. Aquino III on the Chief Justice Succession Issue

If elected president, I will not recognize a Chief Justice appointed by the outgoing President, contrary to the constitutional ban on appointments during the wee hours of her presidency, and contrary to propriety and delicadeza and long-standing precedence of prohibition against appointments two months before the outgoing president’s term expires.

Let me forewarn any member of the Supreme Court who shall accept to be Chief Justice by appointment of the outgoing President, that not only shall he not be recognized, but he risks even his presence in the Court as an associate member.


Proofs B and C: Here and here.

No, I am not about to argue that GMA is constitutionally mandated to make an appointment–that I leave to the experts. I just want to say how stupid and arrogant it is for Noynoy to make such stupid statements. How can you issue those statements purely based on a hypothetical scenario? He’s politicking!

Working on the hypothetical scenario he has just presented, I can only assume of course that the JBC deemed it necessary for them to make a recommendation. And with that recommendation comes the need for the President’s appointment. So, should you attack the president or the JBC?

PS: Kris Aquino (Noynoy’s sister in case you don’t know) walked out temporarily, I think, of her relationship with James Yap because of a domestic/personal problem. If Noynoy can do nothing about that, what can you expect from him when he gets elected and the whole Philippines becomes his family? Maybe Noynoy will just walkout of Malacanang if he cannot solve the problem of increasing sugar and oil prices…

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