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An Open Letter to Congress and the Next President:


I have had enough of empty promises and fang-less laws. I was eating a while ago at a fast food restaurant and a beggar approached me… three beggars in fact. They were asking for alms and it took me some time to convince them to leave me alone. After that, they crossed the street without even looking at the traffic lights causing minimal traffic mess in that part of the road.

Don’t you just hate it? These people do not have any tangible or intangible contribution (perhaps with the exception of being a topic for academic discourse) in the society and they are even causing problems and discomfort to many of us. I am being taxed for almost a third of my salary and a hefty portion of this is dedicated to poverty alleviation. Hell, the government even provides for housing projects to illegal settlers! I HATE IT! I HATE IT! I HATE IT! For me to have a house, I needed to apply for a loan and save for the down payment. I will be paying my loan in decades. But for some lucky homeless illegal settlers, they can probably have their houses for free courtesy of public taxes… and I am a tax payer. Is that fair?

Even jailed criminals get some portion of our taxes. I really cannot understand why we have to spend on them. Reformation? BS. Statistics show that many had-core criminals are actually second-time offenders. Why allow them to make the second chance to commit a crime? Spending millions of pesos from our taxes (jails, personnel, maintenance, etc) just to make sure the convicted criminals are treated properly is just absurd.

So, what do I suggest to eradicate these problems? I can only think of two things: Either eradicate these parasites (by killing/gassing them or something) or simply making them slaves or government properties.

One — kill the parasites. My first question is: What have we got to lose? They don’t contribute to the society. If we are to lose anything at all, it’s probably criminality and ‘social burdens’. Don’t you just hate beggars walking in the busy streets of the metro knocking on your car’s window and asking for alms? or when you are eating in a restaurant and they are bugging you? What will be the loss of the society if we kill all these parasites?

Let’s include the convicted criminals. Are we losing anything socially significant if we just gas or burn the inmates in city jails? I mean, these people have violated the laws of the land and are even potentially capable of committing them again if we let them free (and that’s according to statistics). Imagine, we spend for their health care, food, electricity, and salaries of those managing the penal systems. And for what? So we can be “humane” to criminals?

Two — if #1 is too harsh, then, let’s make all these insignificant people government properties. Let’s make them government slaves. The government can use them to mine oil, natural gas, gold, etc for free. Hell we can even make an electric company powered by these government slaves.

My point is simple: zero-out these liabilities (option 1 above) or turn them into something productive or useful (option 2). In doing so, the government can even divert the budget allocation from poverty alleviation and related social services to something more significant (as far as the taxpayers are concerned) — more roads connecting farms to market or cities to other rural areas; efficient waste management procedures; environment friendly ways of generating cheaper electricity, etc.

(We can even address food security if we push option #1 a step further…)


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