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When the Election Automation law was enacted, everybody was so optimistic that this will revolutionize the democracy here in the Philippines. And theoretically, indeed it will. As I see it, the following are the clear benefits of the election automation:

  1. It will avoid cheating as everything will be done electronically.
  2. It will make the counting and canvassing of votes really fast. It will significantly cut down the period of counting and canvassing.

But those who do nothing but complain are now saying the automation law is not a good idea after all. Why?

  1. Election automation is going to automate cheating.
  2. The people are not properly informed by the COMELEC regarding the new system.

The issue on automated cheating is already addressed by the law itself – the source code will be validated by an internationally accredited IT company and the same will be open to public (or whoever is interested) for their scrutiny. If the source code is bugged with an automated cheater code (or something like that), it will be exposed to the public, if that was not spotted by the accrediting company in the first place. And once validated, the code cannot go wrong because it is run by logic – the typical IF-THEN blah-blah, right? Some “concerned individuals” are saying, how can we be so sure that the source code that they will install is the one validated? Hayyzzzz… And to them I say, are you really sure you are the son or daughter of your mother or father? How can you be so sure that the hospital’s staff didn’t switch you and another baby when you were born?

As for the information campaign regarding the new system, concerned individuals are attacking the COMELEC for not doing its part. They are saying that there might be a failure of election because people are not aware of the new system. What? Are they saying a voter cannot shade the circle opposite the candidate’s name if he or she will not be informed properly of what to do, i.e., to “shade the circle opposite the candidate’s name” of his or her choice? Do this really people think the voters are that stupid? That information campaign can even be done on the election day itself! COMELEC can just put a sign in the precinct’s entrance like this:

A pre-school child can follow instructions like “trace the name of the animal that you like most” or shade the picture of the animal that do not belong to the group. ANYONE WHO CANNOT FOLLOW THE SIMPLE INSTRUCTION ABOVE DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE!

An instance wherein the machine will invalidate a ballot is when a ballot has more votes casted on a certain position than what is required. For example, if a voter shaded two circles in the presidential level, I believe the machine will invalidate the ballot. So what? Any voter who thinks he can vote two presidents at any given election does not have the right to vote in the first place. And anyone who would defend this stupidity does not have the right to be a citizen.

But then again, these are unlikely scenarios. Those who want to sabotage the election, as well as this very significant improvement in our election, are making scenarios that are far-fetched! We are on our way to another level of democracy and yet, some people are trying to reverse the process. And this is probably why we are lagging in development compared to our neighbors. I just hate this.

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