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whoreship:    when you’re not only willing to worship something whether it’s a cause or an object, but willing to be a whore for the cause/object.

The Philippines is a classic, textbook case of traditional politicians (trapos) who or not only power-hungry animals but power whoreshippers. People from “icons” of democracy like Cory to convicted and would-be plunderers like Erap and JDV are willing to become whores just so they can stay or grab power for themselves.

The Podium @ Ortigas was transformed to a whorehouse when these personalities (and other, well, trapos) gather to witness the launching of a book that exposes corruption in the government, in GMA’s government.

JDV has an authorized biographical book now (Global Filipino: The Authorized Biography of Jose de Venecia Jr., the Visionary Five-Time Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines) written by an American Journalist. For crying out loud, does he think all Filipinos are stupid? The release of this book, I think, was triggered by the ZTE scandal, SPECIFICALLY, when his son lost in the bidding for that project (read: lost the chance to become part of that “shadowy” deal, as they claim). Had the younger JDV won in that bidding, will he ever make that book in the first place?

As for the case of Erap, well, I don’t think I could ever give “justice” to his story. Google “Estrada + Plunder” and you might need to file a week-long leave of absence for all the materials that you need to read. For purposes of presenting something here, the following will probably suffice:

  • Erap was thrown off from Malacanang by millions of people from the civil society, religious, young professionals, business sectors, students, masses, etc. (extra-judicial albeit equally if not more democratic than political and judicial proceedings)
  • He was convicted of plunder (and this time, by actual court of law where he was judged beyond reasonable doubt)

Now, you might remember Cory ’s share in Erap ’s fate. She’s one of the prominent personalities during the EDSA II. I am not about to say that without her, the revolution won’t succeed, because that is not the case. But during that time, I know that she is fully aware of what she is doing, where she stands, and its implications. But reading the news today from Inquirer (article here, photo below), I almost wished that she suffered more from her disease. (Almost.) But then I realized that probably, Cory does not have a cancer/disease at all. Why? Because a disease cannot suffer from another disease. Cory is a disease in ITself. Here’s an excerpt of the news:

“I am one of those who plead guilty for the 2001 (uprising). Lahat naman tayo nagkakamali. Patawarin mo na lang ako (All of us make mistakes. Forgive me),” Cory said in her brief but well-received remarks at the Podium mall in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Cory Apologizes to Erap. D@mn!

Cory Apologizes to Erap. D@mn!

Cory asked for forgiveness from Erap for participating in the EDSA II Revolution! It’s one thing for a trapo to fight former allies, but what Cory did is just political whoreshipping. Even if GMA did not become the president that we wanted when EDSA II happened, that does not give absolution to the evil that we wanted to get rid off from Malacanang during that time. As a Phil Star columnist said: “GMA’s sins do not absolve Erap’s.” Deym! Is this chemo’s side effects? Or is she just that stupid?

I am not a GMA fan, but even if I get tortured or something because of GMA, I still won’t regret being a part of EDSA II. If there is such a thing as democratic blasphemy, I think Cory is guilty of that. Dolphy could have been a better alternative than Cory in 1986!

We’re doomed!

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