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Yesterday, Mar Roxas announced that he will be supporting Noynoy for his presidential bid (oh, and Noynoy hasn’t made any announcement yet as of this writing). When Mar was asked why he backed out, he was very firm in saying he did not really back out… what he said, according to that interview with Julius Babao of ABS-CBN, was that he is supporting Noynoy for his presidential bid. (I don’t know if it’s just me but I think he somehow emphasized that he did not back out.

Noynoy’s family, on the other hand, keeps on asking the people not to pressure Noynoy regarding the 2010 elections. Very funny. Kris Aquino cannot really separate showbusiness from politics and governance. I mean, according to reports, Noynoy and Mar have been having these dialogues for days now so they can figure out what is the best course of action for the two of them — will it be Noynoy-Mar or Mar-Noynoy? My point is, the entire idea of Mar’s press conference is that they were able to reach an agreement — and that, of course, is for Noynoy to run for the presidency. Anong pressure ba ang sinasabi ni Kris?!

Moving on to the What If, I was just thinking: What if this is just a play by Noynoy and Mar? We all know that Mar is not a winnable candidate as far as surveys are concerned. And it is my belief that Noynoy, although he may have the support of a number of people courtesy of his being the son of Ninoy and Cory, is not yet ready for such a big role. What if the two has agreed to help each other by doing this drama?

  1. Mar will “sacrifice” his aspirations so for the greater good. (Wouldn’t this increase Mar’s ranking in surveys? I mean, you just need a good PR person to romanticize the idea of Mar sacrificing personal ends for the greater good, right? Mar would become a super-selfless presidentiable.
  2. Noynoy will announce later on that while he praise Mar’s decision, he believes he is not yet ready to run for the presidency. And with this, “I am encouraging all of you to support my good friend, the selfless senator, Mar Roxas, for his presidential bid.”


What will happen? Mar Roxas hopefully absorbs Noynoy’s public support, and Noynoy retains his ‘presidentiability’ which will be very, very ready by 2016. In the mean time, Mar will have him as his VP and assign him a very challenging role in the cabinet.

Hay naku. If only I can vote, I’ll definitely vote for Mar Roxas for president.

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