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I know I once said that the 2010 elections is going to be a circus in the making but I really did not think it’s going to be so cheesy! Sobra na!

By now, everybody is probably aware of Sen. Chiz Escudero’s resignation from the Nationalist People’s Coalition. Formerly a congressman of Sorsogon, Chiz joined NPC in 1998. He made this announcement at the Club Filipino a few days after the other contender for the party’s presidential bid for 2010 – Sen. Loren Legarda – declared that she is instead running for vice president.

Part of his speech is as follows:

Isang maganda at pinagpalang umaga at maraming salamat po sa pagdalo niyo sa umagang ito.

Madalas ko pong sinasabi na ang desisyon, o pagkakaugnay sa pagtakbo o di pagtakbo, o pagtakbo sa partikular o ano mang posisyon dapat personal sa isang tao at hindi dapat pinapasa o inaasa kanino man.

Let that be the first test of leadership of any putative candidate –for that person to decide on his own whether or not he will run, and what position he will run for.

Hayaan niyo pong patunayan ko yan sa araw na ito. Nais ko pong ipabatid na ako po ay nagpaalam na at nagresign na bilang miyembro ng Nationalist People’s Coalition o NPC.

Una, sino man po ang nagpapaplanong tumakbo bilang pangulo, dapat wala pong partidong kinabibilangan –NPC, LP , NP, Lakas o ano pa man. Ang dapat na partidong kinabibilangan ng sino mang nagpaplanong tumakbo, dapat po Pilipinas.

Pangalawang rason, sino mang tumatakbo, o tatakbo o magiging pangulo ng ating bansa, hindi po pwedeng nakakadena ang kamay at paa sa partido.

Pangatlo po at higit sa lahat, ako’y lumilisan sa aking partido dahil naniniwala po ako na mas matatanaw ko ang dapat kong gawin at papel na dapat kong gampanan kaugnay sa darating na halalan.


What was he thinking?! Is he saying any person who is a part of any organization cannot think independently? Because only an irrational people can say that. Also, if that is the case, then, he has just admitted that he has not been thinking on his own since he became a member of the party. Poor Chiz.

The decision to resign is just so untimely. If this is really a matter of principle, why did he join the party in the first place? In an interview with Tonying in Umagang Kay Ganda, he was asked why he resigned only now if it is really a matter of principle. He says it’s because he never considered running for the presidency before. Poor Chiz… Is he saying the presidency has a different set of principles that he or she has to adhere to than other public post? I thought public officials have the “public” as its boss? Is his principles tied with the party when he was still a congressman? And now as a senator? Because that is the implication that I can get based from his reasoning.

There is more to this than just his nonsense speech about his resignation.

In my opinion, something went wrong. He always say it is not about the money; he says the funds have never been an issue. Yeah right. No one can run with only a hundred million in his pocket if he or she does not have an Obama-like following. (In our case, Noynoy might be able to pull out his campaign with the help of those who are blindly – BLINDLY!!! – supporting him.) But Chiz is far from having that charisma or circumstances. He cannot make it without enough funds for the campaign. So, I think what really happened is either if the two:

  1. Cojuangco does not want to support Chiz’s campaign. And without that support, we know Chiz is going nowhere.
  2. Cojuangco wants to support someone else and wants Chiz to be a VP to whoever he is supporting. And Chiz is not about to be another clown who will just gove up his political ambitions.

This resignation is not about principles. If this is about principles, then, Chiz should have been an independent politician since the start of his political career.

I wonder if there would be more intermission numbers before the main event in 2010. This is getting so exciting every passing moment!

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