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57 people. Mothers. Brothers. Sisters. Friends. Citizens. Helplessly Massacred. Morbidly Mutilated. Shamelessly buried and left to rot in some abandoned jungle crossroad in Maguindanao. The height of impunity. The abyss of human depravity.

We, the people, do not and will not treat them as mere statistics in the persistent problem of electoral violence in our country whose law and order are at breaking point. We, the people, angrier by the day and burning with righteous hatred like a thousand indignant suns, will not take this most recent act of brutality sitting down, as the agents of our plutocratic system glaze the eyes of justice with half-truths, disinformation and political spin-doctoring. 57 people were ruthlessly killed with government-supplied weapons by a state-sponsored warlord clan. 57 lives were cut short because the government failed and continues to fail in its most basic responsibility to assert the rule of law in our land. 57 passersby became mangled murder victims in the hands of vicious thugs.

A State that cannot protect its own citizens has no reason to exist. A Government that cannot secure the welfare of its people has no right to persist. A Democracy that sustains itself with the rotting gunk from the corpses of its victims is not worth defending. It is, thus, the right and obligation of all citizens to take all necessary means to retake their dignity and freedom from those forces that deny them.

The Maguindanao massacre is the failure of the system – the plutocratic system of privilege, impunity, abuse and blatant power-grab. The military under whose command the militia supposedly operates has miserably failed to protect the citizens. The police – some of whom took part in the killing spree – has no moral and institutional ascendancy to lead in the investigation. The government is completely morally bankrupt and accountable for nurturing this kind of monster in our midst.

The Injustice stops right here, right now. The moment of half-steps and foolish caution has long passed. Time now to act. Boldly. Daringly. And dangerously, if necessary.

We, the people, demand death for those responsible for the Maguindanao Massacre. No less than death penalty! No more and never again.

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