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I have just watched Boy Abunda’s The Bottomline where CNN’s 2009 Hero of the year Efren “Kuya F” Penaflorida was a guest. (A friend of mine, who hides under the nickname Denna, ‘accidentally’ called my number when she was about to sleep… nanggisinging lang, di naman ako kinausap! Hehehe. Peace!) At a few minutes after midnight, I am now wide awake, trying to write something about the segment.

Efren was also awarded with 125,000 USD… How will it be spent by Efren? According to him, the original plan was to allocate the amount as follows: 90% to the advocacy of the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) and 10% to a blessed church. But some recent ‘developments’ happened: it appears that he can only give 60% to DTC because he was informed by CNN that 30% of the amount will go to the government in the form of a tax. Yes, that is what he said, 30% of the amount will be cut off and paid to the government as tax… It’s Christmas season and I won’t dwell much on this… I don’t want to curse. (Pause. Smile.)

It’s just amazing how someone like Efren who has the moral ascendancy to be judgmental (as far as politicians are concerned) did not actually judge the politicians. Don’t get me wrong guys. So many people in this country have that one-stop solution (or something like that) on how to help our fellow Filipinos. Some politicians and celebrities even got to publicize their little contribution or at least their plans to the greater public. But here comes Efren and his team, who wanted to help other people, and actually got out of their comfort zone to really execute their plans. I mean, he is an idealist who did not criticize anyone but instead, just stepped out and acted. When he was asked whether he is a pro- or anti-GMA, when he was asked what he thinks about politicians who promise they are going to do this and that, that they are going to help the poor, Efren has all the right and the moral ascendancy to say:

I hate GMA. She has brought nothing but shame in this country. I hate these politicians who are trying to pretend that they are pro-poor and that they are going to do something about poverty and education but in reality, are selfish bastards who just want to win in the elections to get more money from the people.

He could have said that and we know we won’t say “look who’s talking?!” Di ba? But he did not do that. He did not say that. Instead, he merely said it’s not about being pro or antigovernment. He said he and the DTC are doing what they think they can do to help. And he believes that GMA has had done something to our country. And maybe, he says, the politicians who are making these (pro-poor) propaganda should not be ‘rejected’ immediately — maybe they really intend to do them (the promises).

The truth is, I wouldn’t mind Efren criticizing the government and being skeptic about politicians. Again, he has the moral ascendancy and the right to do that. But he didn’t! He should be canonized or something!


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