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When Cory apologized to Erap regarding what happened in EDSA 2, I thought my “2008 The-world-is-totally-fucked-up-and-screwed-and-is-doomed-to-hell list” is over. I mean, how could Cory do that? GMA may not have turned out to be the president we wanted after we ousted Erap, but to apologize to Erap because of that? No way! My list so far includes the following:

  • Joma Sison (he’s the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines, in case some of you haven’t heard of him yet — just making sure) has just created a Facebook account. At first I thought this is a joke or something. But when I saw the news from Inquirer, well, I was… surprised…? Facebook is almost synonymous to globalization, capitalism, domination of the West, etc. And you see Joma using this for his group’s objectives? (Machiavellian? Maybe… but no!) Errrr… Hey, look! Papi superpoked and dropped a chandelier on Joma! (Had this been a Friendster and/or Multiply account, I might have added him as a friend!)

From the professional heckler’s site:

His Facebook status? “Joma is having a great time in Europe.”Rumors say New People’s Army spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal has also created a Facebook account. His status? “Ka Roger is kinda inggit at Ka Joma but fully understands the situation.”

  • Mar Roxas’ “Putang-ina! Patayin ang Gloria Forever Cha Cha na ito!.” I mean, we can all be expressive of our thoughts and emotions, but sometimes, as a government official talking in front of the media (and live at that!), I think there are, ahmm, cursing/expletives that are better off left in your mind. I don’t know, it could probably be just me.
  • A stupid general (and I say this with all the respect in the world) who thought he wouldn’t get caught with an unexplainable cash while traveling to a former super power. I was convinced before that there is something higher and more complicated political agenda happening here, but when my friend who knows someone who knows someone who is in the government says there is no other agenda here, I was convinced that the general is just plain stupid. (Again, with all the respect in the world.)
  • Pacquiao to run for House seat. Again. How could he be so stupid? Well, it’s probably his ‘political advisers’ doing all these, but, deym! I wish his advisers would rather guide him and suggest a real foundation instead. He could very well gain a lot more supporters if he is not in the political arena. I’d support him — in spirit, and actual action if I can — if he’d rather make a foundation for the poor, for the youth, etc.

But yesterday, I read a blog about

the son of Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman and several persons [beating up] a 14-year-old boy and his father at a golf course in Antipolo on Friday.

The blog is from the daughter of the victim.

At around 1:30 PM today [December 26 — yeah, after Christmas!], at Valley Golf and Country Club, Antipolo City, Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr., Mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur, his father, Secretary Nasser Pangandaman of the Department of Agrarian Reform, and company, beat my defenseless 56-year-old dad and my 14-year-old brother to a pulp because of some stupid misunderstanding on the golf course. — (The world has gone crazy, Vicissitude)

This was in the news also.

MANILA, Philippines—The son of Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman and several persons beat up a 14-year-old boy and his father at a golf course in Antipolo on Friday, the victims complained Saturday.

The alleged attackers were identified as Nasser Pangandaman Jr., mayor of Masiu, Lanao del Sur, and his golfing companions and armed bodyguards. The victims, Delfin de la Paz and his family, said the Agrarian Reform secretary witnessed the incident at the Valley Golf Club but did not stop his son and their bodyguards from attacking the victims.

De la Paz filed the complaint immediately after the incident on Friday with the Antipolo police, who said the charges, including child abuse, would be filed on Monday.

I actually wish this wasn’t true. I mean, how could you tolerate and absorb this kind of news during the Yuletide Season? Or anytime at all? I think I read somewhere that the person involved was appointed as member of the GRP peace panel for the negotiations with the MILF. If that is indeed accurate, deym! We’re doomed, people, we’re just doomed.

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It is said that we do not need to produce any more laws — we have enough of them already. The problem is simply on the implementation. I beg to disagree. We are lacking so many crucial laws and policies because what we have right now are laws with no fangs, no balls. We have a death penalty law, but as soon as some death convicts are to be executed, the law was abolished. We were able to oust Estrada, and even able to charge and convict him criminally, but when the Department of Justice was about to execute the penalty (imprisonment), he was pardoned. What the–!!!

We cannot move on to becoming a developed country with these kinds of people, law, and institutions. We need some drastic changes in our system. I am humbly proposing a five-point agenda on how to make Philippines a great country.

The Core Problems and the Solutions

This essay summarizes the steps that need to be taken for the Philippine nation to get out of the mess it is in right now. This will also propel the next generation to staggering heights that no one has ever dreamed of. The agenda are focused on poverty, crime and punishment, public service and corruption, education, and peace and harmony.

Agenda 1 — Forced Slavery is the Solution to Poverty

You got it right — forced slavery! One of the measures of a country’s poverty is its GDP/GNP per capita. I cannot believe why our economists failed to realize that this is simple math: To increase this variable, you need either to increase the GDP/GNP, OR decrease the value of the denominator, per capita. How do we do that? Forced slavery. Everyone falling below the poverty index should not be considered as a Filipino citizen, but rather, as slaves; this will significantly decrease the number of legitimate population, and increase the labor force. Latest estimate is that we have 30% of our population living below poverty line. With a population of 90 million, this will make the Philippines the only Asian country (other than Brunei) with no people leaving under poverty line (because they are now slaves, NOT citizens), effectively increasing our labor force, FREE labor force, by a maximum of 27 million bodies. Wouldn’t you be happy if you live in a country with 0% population living below poverty line? Those would-be slaves should be stripped off of their basic human rights, save for their right to live — which, would be determined by the state of course.

These 27 million people will be distributed to economic magnates — Sy, Ayala, Tan, etc. — and they will be utilized to serve the legitimate Filipino citizens. They can also be assigned to become mine workers, fishermen, farmers, etc. for free. This suggestion will not only eradicate the poverty line people but will help in increasing our GNP, at no additional cost.

Agenda 2 — Jaywalkers Must Be Shot; Survivors Should be Shot Again

Many studies provided proof that most “big-time” criminals started with something small or petty crimes. Murderers, kidnappers, drug pushers, etc. started committing a lesser crime before that heinous crime/s. To instill how serious the state is in addressing crimes, violations of ANY law should be penalized with the death sentence. Drug pushing, economic sabotage, treason? Death penalty. Guilty of jaywalking? Death penalty. Shoplifting, swerving, color-coding violation? Death penalty. If the state would want to instill the greatest deterrence, that would be death penalty. If it will not be a deterrence, at least we know that no violator will ever commit any crime for the second time… at least in this world of ours.

In this case, what will the jail system be for? It will be used for two purposes: One, temporary holding while a case is still being tried. Remember, a conviction will result to death penalty, regardless of the crime committed. And two, prisons will also be used to house the slaves while their “work assignment” is still being decided by, say, Department of Slavery Planning and Deployment.

Agenda 3 — Robots Should Lead Our Nation

A specialized School of Government will be established. Every year, a certain percentage of new-born babies will be randomly selected and the state through the government will take control and separate them from their biological parents. (This is an unimplemented ancient proposal by a very wise philosopher.) These children will be indoctrinated and trained to become the best public servants with no other accountability but the state. They will not be taught with the idea of a sister, brother, or parents. As far as they know, they are children of the state and their duty is to protect and uphold the interests of the state and state alone. They will undergo the same program of education as the rest of the legitimate citizens, but in a secluded setting so as to ensure effective and complete indoctrination.

As soon as they have completed their education which includes the indoctrination, they will be deployed to different government offices — legislative, executive, judiciary, as well as in the police and military.

All constitutional bodies (Human Rights, Audit, etc.) will be restructured such that they will form part of the School of Government. All their missions and visions will be incorporated in the indoctrination proper of the students of the School.

It is only in this way that the state can be assured of a clean and incorruptible public servants and protectors.

Agenda 4 — Education Is not a Right; It Is a Privilege

Education should absolutely be free for all levels, but this should not be considered as a right. Education would be a privilege for deserving individuals. Statistics show that less than 5% of the educated people (let’s call them the Core Professionals) make use of their education, i.e., not all engineering graduates end up becoming engineers (a number of them become call center agents), not all education graduates end up teaching in the academe or become educators in their own way (most of them ending up working abroad having another career), not all economics majors end up becoming, well, economists, and so on. The point is, why waste your resources on their education if they would not be using them at all? So, why not give all the government’s efforts and resources to ensuring the above-mentioned Core professionals get the best of the best of education that they need?

The question is how to select this 5%. First off, slaves will not be allowed to be educated. They are slaves (previously, people living below the poverty line) because they are either lazy to work their ass off, or they simply are not capable to learn. Either way, why waste resources on them? Exceptional slaves will surely be noticed by their masters, and then and only then, will they be considered to have educational privileges. Else, being a slave would be their role to the society and nothing more.

This leaves us with only the legitimate citizens to choose from. All qualified citizens by virtue of their social status will be required to enroll and take elementary education. Using regression analysis, a certain percentage of poor-performing students will be raked-off from the roll every year, until the exact number of Core Professional is reached as soon as they reach tertiary level. By that time, the state will be ensured of devoting its complete and best resources on the best qualified students. Legitimate citizens who did not make the cut for the Core Professionals have to prove themselves in any other way.

The bottom-line: Education is not a right. It is such a crucial and expensive resource that should only be given to the best qualified individuals.

Agenda 5 –Shut Up or Be Shot

No more freedom of expression. If this is not clear enough, no more freedom of speech, no more freedom of the press, and no more freedom of assembly. The Philippines has constant economic worries partly because of the unproductive political bickering happening everywhere, every time. And why do we always have political bickering?

Because of unnecessary and pointless freedom of expression accorded to them. People make unfounded accusations against the government, stage rallies here and there, and publish stories with based on secret informants. To ensure that political peace and harmony is achieved, and hence, economic development, the state should criminalize rallies, public appearances or speeches aiming to discredit the state, as well as anti-government publications. Any individual, group, or institution “expressing” their opinion on any matter without any concrete and convincing evidence should be considered criminals. In this way, we can make sure that the government can do its job and at the same time, maintain a positive reputation for other states and foreign investors.

Corollary — On religion: A state religion should be imposed.

The presence of different religion makes the state prone to conflicts. Would there be a problem in Mindanao had there been no Islamic religion and ways? All Filipinos should swear allegiance and faith to only one deity. Ideally, it doesn’t matter what religion as long as there should only be one denomination in the system. But because we are a democratic country, and a Catholic-dominated country at that, the state shall impose Catholicism, NOT just Christianity, as the state religion. Everyone opposing this mandate shall be considered enemies of the state and shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, i.e., military might.


The above-mentioned proposals/agenda may be a little bit revolutionary and uncustomary. The civil society, academe, and even existing government officials may disagree, citing human rights violation, discrimination, issue on feasibility, and many other concerns that may or may not be valid. But the point here is simple: We have had enough of the inefficiency of the current system.

We have tried everything. Education was offered to far-flung areas of the country. Did that improve the literacy of the Filipinos in the country-side? Political visionaries have tried to run for election. What happened? Estrada won over Roco (and it’s a landslide, if I may add!) and Jaworski and Revilla beat Pagdanganan and Yorac in the Senate! Public housing was offered to squatters (oh, darn the political in-correctness of the term!), and what happened after they receive their houses? They sold their rights to the house and went back to their previous place as squatters. We have tried our best, and nothing happened. It became worse if anything at all happened.

Unless there would be a strong political will to implement what would be necessary for the interest and good of the Filipinos; unless the present generation of public servants and protectors would set aside greed and personal interest and focus on the common good first; unless the common tao themselves are willing to help themselves and thus help the society; I believe there is no way but to disregard human rights and ensure effective and immediate implementation of these five-point agenda.

PS: A Commission on Eugenics should be established.


*Inspired by an essay of Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), Irish cleric, political pamphleteer, satirist, and writer.

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whoreship:    when you’re not only willing to worship something whether it’s a cause or an object, but willing to be a whore for the cause/object.

The Philippines is a classic, textbook case of traditional politicians (trapos) who or not only power-hungry animals but power whoreshippers. People from “icons” of democracy like Cory to convicted and would-be plunderers like Erap and JDV are willing to become whores just so they can stay or grab power for themselves.

The Podium @ Ortigas was transformed to a whorehouse when these personalities (and other, well, trapos) gather to witness the launching of a book that exposes corruption in the government, in GMA’s government.

JDV has an authorized biographical book now (Global Filipino: The Authorized Biography of Jose de Venecia Jr., the Visionary Five-Time Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines) written by an American Journalist. For crying out loud, does he think all Filipinos are stupid? The release of this book, I think, was triggered by the ZTE scandal, SPECIFICALLY, when his son lost in the bidding for that project (read: lost the chance to become part of that “shadowy” deal, as they claim). Had the younger JDV won in that bidding, will he ever make that book in the first place?

As for the case of Erap, well, I don’t think I could ever give “justice” to his story. Google “Estrada + Plunder” and you might need to file a week-long leave of absence for all the materials that you need to read. For purposes of presenting something here, the following will probably suffice:

  • Erap was thrown off from Malacanang by millions of people from the civil society, religious, young professionals, business sectors, students, masses, etc. (extra-judicial albeit equally if not more democratic than political and judicial proceedings)
  • He was convicted of plunder (and this time, by actual court of law where he was judged beyond reasonable doubt)

Now, you might remember Cory ’s share in Erap ’s fate. She’s one of the prominent personalities during the EDSA II. I am not about to say that without her, the revolution won’t succeed, because that is not the case. But during that time, I know that she is fully aware of what she is doing, where she stands, and its implications. But reading the news today from Inquirer (article here, photo below), I almost wished that she suffered more from her disease. (Almost.) But then I realized that probably, Cory does not have a cancer/disease at all. Why? Because a disease cannot suffer from another disease. Cory is a disease in ITself. Here’s an excerpt of the news:

“I am one of those who plead guilty for the 2001 (uprising). Lahat naman tayo nagkakamali. Patawarin mo na lang ako (All of us make mistakes. Forgive me),” Cory said in her brief but well-received remarks at the Podium mall in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Cory Apologizes to Erap. D@mn!

Cory Apologizes to Erap. D@mn!

Cory asked for forgiveness from Erap for participating in the EDSA II Revolution! It’s one thing for a trapo to fight former allies, but what Cory did is just political whoreshipping. Even if GMA did not become the president that we wanted when EDSA II happened, that does not give absolution to the evil that we wanted to get rid off from Malacanang during that time. As a Phil Star columnist said: “GMA’s sins do not absolve Erap’s.” Deym! Is this chemo’s side effects? Or is she just that stupid?

I am not a GMA fan, but even if I get tortured or something because of GMA, I still won’t regret being a part of EDSA II. If there is such a thing as democratic blasphemy, I think Cory is guilty of that. Dolphy could have been a better alternative than Cory in 1986!

We’re doomed!

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fishingAn MBA graduate visited a small village on his graduation trip and saw a lone man fishing by a pretty lake. Curious about the lives of such quaint folks, he asked the fisherman how he spends his days.

“Well I usually fish by the lake for about an hour or two, go home to feed my wife and kids and then we’ll spend the night singing as I strum along on my guitar.”

The MBA graduate was astounded by what appeared to be a lack of productivity, “Listen old man. I graduated from Harvard Business School, and I can tell you what to do to become filthy rich. You should really start by working longer hours and catching more fish.”

“I always catch enough to ensure that my family is well-fed…” The fisherman said. “Whatever would I do with all the surplus fish?”

“You could sell them in the market and earn a profit. Think about expanding the business altogether!” Exclaimed the graduate, now on such a roll that nothing could contain his excitement and his eagerness to share his new knowledge with the world, “With the profit, you can invest in better fishing equipment that will increase productivity. With all that money earned, you can outsource the actual fishing by hiring help. You’ll make more by managing the business. Hell, you could make millions!”

The fisherman nodded slowly. “And then what would I do with the millions?”

“And then – this is the best part – you retire!” Said the graduate, now glassy-eyed as he thought of his own retirement, some fifty years into the future. “Move to somewhere scenic and peaceful to spend quality time with your family, doing something you’ve always dreamed of doing. Isn’t there something you really love to do?”

The fisherman lifts his head to the sky and ponders for awhile. “Well I really like to play the guitar…”

The MBA graduate leaned forward.

“And I sure love fishing.” Said the fisherman.

From one of my grad school readings.

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Hello, World!

Hello, World! I am Papi, at your service, and I want to be the President of the Republic of the Philippines… for now.


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